Episode 8: 3/9/17

We discuss the disastrous rollout of the disastrous “health care plan” offered by Paul Ryan as well as debate the usefulness of the Russia issue.

Episode 7: Coming Soon

We had some technical issues, probably due to Trump’s speech to a joint session of congress. We’ll have this uploaded and ready to go ASAP.

Episode 6: 2/22/17

Mike and Ben talk about Trump’s plan to take away rights from transgender youth, deport millions of undocumented Americans, and the joy they took in NASA’s announcement of 7 earth-like planets.

Episode 5: 2/16/17

Welcome back to another episode of sanity check. This week particularly tried our ability to avoid going crazy. We discuss the firing of Michael Flynn, Trump’s crazy press conference and much more

Episode 4: 2/7/17

We discuss Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and the many ways to pronounce his name, #PresidentBannon, SNL and the value of satire, and what American values are now that we have a reality show celebrity as President. We’re joined for the first time by Tom while Ben sits this one out with the flu.