Episode 42: 3/29/18

Ben and Andrew discuss John Dowd discussing pardon deals with Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, the continued pressure on the NRA by the Parkland kids, the #MarchForOurLives and David Shulkin out in the latest White House exodus

Episode 41: 3/22/18

We discuss John Bolton coming in as the new NSA, Trump congratulating Putin on his election “win”, Cambridge Analytica/Facebook and the firing of Andrew McCabe

Episode 40: 3/15/2018

Ben and Mike are in a particularly fatalistic mood as they discuss the firing of Rex Tillerson, Conor Lamb’s win in PA-18 and the latest developments in the Russia investigation soap opera.

Episode 39: 3/8/2018

Ben and Andrew discuss the breaking news on Trump’s announcement of a meeting with Kim Jong Un. We also discuss George Nader, Stormy Daniels and Trump’s tarriffs.

Episode 38: 3/1/2018

Ben and Andrew discuss the continued aftermath of the Parkland school shooting and the whisps of success pushing back against the NRA. We also discuss some major developments in the Mueller probe and the continued exodus from the White House.

Episode 37: 2/15/2018

Mike and Ben discuss their immediate rage and reaction in the wake of yet another mass school shooting, the Rob Porter scandal and much more

Episode 36: 2/5/2018

We discuss the State of the Union delivery, the not so scintillating Devin Nunes memo and generally vent on Trump and his assault on the rule of law

Episode 35: 1/24/2018

We discuss whether we think the Democrats caved too easily on DACA, Trump’s latest attempts to obstruct justice and the current state of the Mueller investigation

Episode 34: 1/17/2018

We discuss POTUS’s shitty word choice, DACA, Steven Bannon being subpoenaed by Robert Mueller, and the arrest of a Chinese mole in the CIA.